Do You Need a Curved Screen?

There are a lot of marketing messages around curved televisions. Do they look interesting? Perhaps, but the real question is whether they improve the picture? The curved televisions typically use OLED and have 4K resolution. It is more immersive of an experience for viewers in some cases, but curved televisions really aren’t any different than a completely flat screen. It also slightly distorts the image and can be difficult to get a good view from a side angle. There are also reports from consumers that show it creates viewing fatigue. They are also more expensive and don’t necessarily provide any additional comfort.

Smart TV Apps

There are a lot of features like smart apps that are included with the latest televisions, but Sony televisions offer more connectivity, fluidity, and apps. There are more smart applications available on Sony TVs than other manufacturers as well. Sony televisions at Flint Audio Video include Netflix, Vudu, Hulu, YouTube, Pandora, PlayStation, HBO, and more.

Contrast Ratio

The ratio describes the level of brightness that a display can manage. The contrast ratio can provide more subtle shadows and hues, thus allowing for better detail. However, the measurement for these ratios is really up to the manufacturer. There is no standard or license that has to be used to determine the contrast ratio. Since it has been discredited, you shouldn’t buy a TV just based on contrast ratio. However, you can see the differences between televisions when showed to you by the sales association. Flint Audio Video technicians can show you the differences between the latest models available.

Television Warranties

One of the biggest ways that manufacturers get more money out of shoppers is through an extended warranty. They aren’t typically needed for the latest flat-panel LCD televisions. Most of the components in your TV set are pretty resilient, but the LEDs may go after awhile. If you do get a lemon, then you will likely use the standard warranty to replace or repair the parts. You only need an extended warranty if you want repairs after a year or more of using the television.