The Definitive Television Buying Guide from Flint Audio Video

tv buy guide

Everyone wants the best in class televisions these days, but you don’t necessarily have to spend that much to get a television for your home that you are going to love. In fact, a lot of affordable televisions still have 4k, ultra HD, and smart apps. There are a few things that you should look out for when you shop for your next television. The experts at Flint Audio Video can help. After all, their service team has helped thousands of customers in the Middletown area of RI for over 10 years.

Quick Tips

  • Get a TV with 4K resolution. It’s standard now. You may see TVs with 1080P that are cheaper but won’t last.
  • For a bargain 4K TV with smart apps and enough HDMI inputs, you’ll likely spend over $500, especially if looking for a 55-inch or better.
  • Your TV should have a 120 Hz refresh rate.
  • The best televisions will be HDR-compatible, OLED, multiple HDMI ports, and smart apps like Netflix and YouTube.
  • Curved TVs aren’t good for any viewing angle. They’re more of a fashion statement if anything.
  • You should also consider buying a sound bar or surround sound system to complete your new high-definition setup.

Screen Size: What’s Best for Your Living Space

Whether you want a trimmed-down TV or you’re looking for performance, the main factor in your decision will likely start with screen size. We suggest looking at larger screen sizes over 45 inches that will deliver the right picture and resolution with a higher display. You should also look at how many people watch TV at one time and how they watch it. Do you have multiple angles that you need to appeal to? In addition, where are you going to place the TV? Will it be mounted or sit on a media console? It’s important that you have the space to accommodate the screen size.

Basically, you should pick a screen size and resolution that works with the distance you will sit across from the screen. The best size for most living rooms is 55 inches, unless you have a smaller apartment.

tv screen resolution

Screen Resolution: Does 4K Really Matter?

There are stark contrasts in the way a TV with 4K looks as opposed to a 1080P or 720P television. For many years, it was enough to have 1920 x 1080 resolution. It was considered top of the line. However, the latest technology and market revolves around 4k resolution, which is 3840 x 2160. It’s expected that this resolution will only be more perfected in time, as there are already 8K TVs available, but for now, your best bet for a longer life and long-term viewing pleasure is a 4K HD television set. Smaller objects on the screen will have intense details, and you’ll be able to see sharper text if you enjoy captions. In addition, 4K makes gaming and sports games look incredibly realistic. Most Blue-Rays, DirectTV, Dish Network, and Comcast Xfinity movies also work for 4K televisions.

HDR: Brilliant Color Accuracy

If you value having a colorful display with the best color count, then you should look at HDR. All of Sony televisions sold at Flint Audio Video have HDR, which stands for high dynamic range. HDR combined with 4K creates a top-of-the-line television. While standard dynamic range is still quite colorful, you simply get more brilliance with HDR. Dolby Vision is probably the best form of HDR.